Beijing Stalks America

By Louis Beam
Reprinted from The Seditionist Issue Three, Summer 1989
(Graphics added and essay edited for WWW publication.)

There is a lesson for all of us who love our freedom, from what is happening in China. The "People's Government" of China used their "People's Army" to suppress a people's rebellion. The sight of human bodies in Tiananmen Square matted to the concrete by tanks should not be forgotten.

The Tanks Roll Over The Bodies

Karl Marx and his irrational ranting have claimed more human lives. Two hundred forty million dead since 1917 as a result of communism is not enough. From his very grave, Marx, the vampire of the twentieth century, cries for more blood.

The old men in Beijing, who seek to maintain the crumbling Marxist system, oblige by using eighty ton tanks as giant blenders which mix concrete, flesh, and blood into a libation for the god of the Talmud. The resulting Marxist cocktail, captured forever in gory pictures, makes for a sight the eye does not soon forget.

Enforcing The Law In The People's Republic of China...

The first requirement of every totalitarian state erected since 1917 is to disarm the people. The government will protect them; so goes the propaganda. What is really meant is the government will protect itself. Thus in Tiananmen Square unarmed peasants/subjects/slaves of the state fought for freedom.

Meanwhile, President (yours not mine) Bush has promised to hold up some of 500 million dollars allotted to the Communist regime of China for military aid for the budget year ending in 1990. The federal government anti-communist? Not hardly. Name one country that Washington has ever successfully freed from the Communist.

China's senior leader Deng Xiaoping, an 85 year old senile mass murderer, came to the United States in 1979 as a guest of your government. Deng (pronounced 'dung' appropriately) was treated like a hero by Washington despite the fact that he provided many of the rockets and bullets that had killed American soldiers in Viet Nam (I still have the nose cone off a Chinese-- made 122 MM rocket that blew me from my cot one night during the Tet offensive of 1968). This killer of America's sons was then sent on a nation wide tour while political dregs who claim to represent us bestowed more praise and accolades upon him than Julius Caesar returning to Rome after the Gallic campaigns. Then he reached Texas.

When China's chief murderer arrived
in a downtown Houston hotel to be
received by local political whores, I
infiltrated through 150 police and
thirty federal secret service agents
and rushed him, hoping to rip his
stinking, filthy, blood stained head
from his body.

Shouting "The blood of 50,000 American GI's are on your hands" I did manage to get within ten or so feet of his mangy hide, but the combined weight of three police officers, and a secret service agent, allowed a fifth officer to throw me to the floor. A night in the Harris county jail, and threats of federal charges ended the affair.

They should have let me rip his head off. I am sure those who recently died in the square there in Beijing, ground up like mince meat, would have approved of my effort...

Waco Texas, not Tiananmen Square, The Tanks Roll Over The Bodies

Enforcing The Law In The United States Of America...