A Prisoner Of Faith

Recently this writer watched the sentencing of a former five year veteran of the Nebraska Highway Patrol to twenty-one months in prison for protesting in front of an abortion clinic in Nebraska. While but one of hundreds to go to jail for their beliefs in that same court room, this man stood out as a true believer in his cause. The cameras in the courtroom captured for all of us the strength and conviction of a man devoted to his faith.

Since the former trooper had never had so much as even a parking ticket in his entire life, the judge ordered the entire sentence of twenty-one months probated without supervision. The trooper turned to his attorney and whispered in his ear, then turned back to look at the judge. The attorney then said to the judge that the defendant desired that either the sentence of probation be set aside, or that the sentence be served behind bars. The judge, obviously disturbed and embarrassed at the thought of sending such a man to the pen for so minor an offense, told the attorney that such a request would mean the defendant must go to prison as he would not set the probation aside. The defendant's attorney then said "that is his request, your honor." The judge then replied "it shall be twenty-one months in the pen, let it be so ordered."

The former highway patrolman was then marched out of the courtroom bound for prison, pausing only long enough to kiss his wife goodbye.

The twenty-one month sentence in the state pen was for continuously demonstrating without a permit in front of the clinic, in spite of a court order to not do so. Welcome to America, no longer the land of the free, but still the home of the brave.

What is it that would make a respectable, middle class, former state police officer, insist on going to jail for almost two years, rather than accept a suspended probated sentence, a probation whose only hindrance would be that he must not demonstrate for two years against that which he opposed? The answer is: his Christian Faith; his belief that he is serving the will of his Heavenly Father.

There are many in America today who ridicule, and in some cases mock those who think of themselves as Christian patriots. Those who maintain their Faith in this age of apostasy are criticized from both the right and the left; yet, so often, it is those who fight the battle for America with religious zeal produced by Faith, that have in the past, and do in the present, suffer the most. Somehow, the stone, wind, tree, and self-worshipers just don't seem to have the staying power of those who believe they are fighting for the Kingdom of Yahweh.

It is quite true that there are some really brave non-Christians in this country who are fighting for the preservation of our liberty, and have in the past and do now suffer greatly. Such men are worthy of our respect, admiration, and appreciation for their commitment to the cause of freedom for the folk. But these men are in the minority. The vast majority of activists are Bible-believing Christians.

We are the Crusaders of this century. The Knights Templars of America. We fight for our families, homes and nation, just as the non-believers, but more than that, we fight for our Faith with a sincere belief that we are about our Father's business. Such belief gives us the strength to continue when others fall away.

So let those who waste their time and energy mocking our Faith cease. Yahweh is not mocked. It was Christians in times past who gave their lifeblood to make America the greatest country on earth, and now many of us are willing to do the same again to reclaim our nation. We welcome the support of all good men but with or without the support of others, we intend to preserve our folk and Faith.

Hail His Victory!

Reprinted from The Seditionist, Issue 12 February 1992