For Whom The Bell Tolls: The Bombing In Oklahoma City

An Essay by L. R. Beam

If in November of 1963 someone had told the American people that the CIA had played a role in the murder of President John F. Kennedy, few would have believed it at that time. Slightly over thirty years after the assassination it is hard to find an informed citizen who does not know of involvement by CIA agents in JFK's death.

Indeed, the very records that would show conclusively that a branch of government participated in killing a president of the United States have of necessity been sealed from public view for the rest of this century. A requisite sealing and hiding of truth if malevolent forces in government were to remain in power.

In analyzing the bombing of the Oklahoma federal building, or any other crime for that matter, one must follow certain guidelines. In the financial world the dictum always is "follow the money" if one wants to discover the culprits. In the political world one must ask "Who benefits?" as well as "Why?" to determine those likely to be behind an act. A further tool in tracking down those responsible for present crime is to allow history to serve as a willing witness. A witness which often provides an unobstructed window into the future.

The paramount threat to the Constitution of this nation is not the United Nations nor some socialist pipe dream of a "New World Order." The rope that is strangling the life and breath out of liberty is held tightly in Washington by governmental hands intent upon conducting a police-state lynching of liberty. This hanging was designed from the very beginning to snuff out freedom. A fierce choke-hold on America that became tighter moments after the horrendous explosion and senseless loss of life in Oklahoma City.

As a political crime, clearly the bombing in Oklahoma City serves the interest of, and will benefit solely, those in government wanting more power over each citizen of this country. And surely, along with the handful of guilty Oklahoma City bombers, every single innocent citizen in the United States will be punished for the act, by having rights and freedoms infringed as government response to the event is to legislate new laws which further erode constitutional liberties. An erosion of liberty totally unnecessary to prevent such future acts, but completely necessary to construct the mechanisms needed in fostering what now constitutes the emerging Federal police state.

The bombing in Oklahoma was a gift from hell for those in government who want to subject the American people to the type of political system that Joe Stalin would have been proud of. It is further evident from this tragic event that the birth pains of state tyranny will be traumatic for everyone in America: For the federal agents ordered to enforce totalitarian rule, for the many citizens who yet remain its unknowing intended victims, to the unsung heroes who will arise in opposition. Champions of freedom will emerge from within the government as well as from citizens at large. For America does not sleep any longer. Its sons and daughters no matter their station and position in life have awakened from the slumber that allowed evil men to corrupt government, the media, and the country.

Citizens, for the first time in this century, have become acutely aware of the subterfuge and criminal politics conducted by those in government. Defilement of the Republic can no longer be hidden from the view of these modern day Patrick Henrys, for the alarm has sounded. The liberty bell has begun to ring loudly, and would-be federal tyrants know for whom the bell tolls.

A political rebellion against those in power and the evil they represent is on-going. Long-confused, misled, lied to and betrayed, the people are now taking back the government. Piece by piece, election by election, corrupt politician by corrupt politician, a transfer of power is in process.

Immense fear and paranoia are rampant in Washington D.C. These are desperate times for men in the halls of Congress, the chambers of the Senate, the Oval Office of the White House and the secret dens of police state enforcers. The deadly rattle of anger coming from the banks of the Potomac is understandable, for many of these corrupters have invested their life's work as well as made their fortunes erecting the serpentine apparatus of control, power, and money that seeks to poison this Republic with its venom. Such men will stop at nothing to maintain their grasp upon this country. Calculating, cold, and desperate, it is an inescapable conclusion that they will strike at now-aware citizens while they yet possess the means to do so. Citizens of this nation must truly beware the cursed fangs of little men with big power.

Who Benefits?

Who benefits from the bombing of the federal building? The FBI, government police agencies, bureaucrats, corrupt politicians, and Bill Clinton. An angry and horrified public may be seen on nightly news singing media-orchestrated praises to the FBI for their quick work in nabbing the suspected bomber. This is the same FBI who but one day before the bombing was the brunt of three long years of citizen outrage which began with the FBI's "hostage rescue team" (sic) sniper-killing of Mrs. Weaver in Idaho as she stood holding an infant in her arms. Outrage spread like the Waco church firestorm after the deaths of nearly a hundred innocents by ATF and FBI agents at Mt. Carmel. A place where tragically the funeral pyre of innocent children was to reach further towards the heavens than that of those little ones of Oklahoma City who were to follow them. A place where, because of media lies, few tears were shed for those who, without sin, crime, or blemish, were burned beyond recognition. The media with their agenda would later shed crocodile tears for the lesser numbers of children killed at Oklahoma City. Both places are monuments to senseless slaughter and lies unknown in this country in the Twentieth Century.

Clearly the corrupt Clinton administration and some equally corrupt allies in Congress and law enforcement must be rendering heartfelt thanks to whatever god they worship for the bonanza Oklahoma has brought them. New laws to be passed, new enemies lists to be created, new heights to be reached in government spying and intrusion into the lives of citizens, new budget requests for armed jack boots far exceeding anything previously justifiable before the bombing, the FBI rehabilitated after its drunken orgy of blood and murder in Waco. A thousand more such police state enforcers for the FBI will be asked for and -- because of the bombing -- granted by ignorant men in Congress unaware of the history of state tyranny that the American Revolution was fought to end. The cold black boots of armed mercenaries of the state will trample upon every nook and cranny of this nation in search of those who cry out against injustice, of those brave enough to raise voices of dissent against a new world order of police, prisons, and persecution.

Who Really Did The Bombing? Two Possible Answers

First, as a condition of reasonable inquiry and for the sake of fair analysis, let us assume that the government had no hand in the actual bombing that benefits them so much. Second, let it be further assumed that McVeigh and Nichols are not being set up by the government or by actual agents of government but are rather men who took it upon themselves to commit the act that has brought so much immediate harm to the people in OK, and soon will bring harm to the rest of the nation by increasing the power of the police state. What then would produce the amount of frustration necessary to motivate decorated Gulf War veterans to carry out such an act independent of any government collusion? Two things come to mind: Failure of government to punish those who killed Mrs. Weaver and her son at Ruby Ridge, and failure of government to punish those in law enforcement who murdered innocent men, women, and children at Waco. Had FBI agent Larry Potts, and those under him, been tried and punished for issuing shoot-to-kill orders at Weaver's cabin instead of receiving governmental immunity, perhaps McVeigh and his cohort would not have felt the need personally to punish the government for its crimes. Janet Reno, in a statement announcing the promotion of Potts to the number two position in the FBI, stated that the butcher of Ruby Creek and Waco is "the very best the FBI has." The best for what? Shooting women at their front doors? Gassing children to death then burning their bodies to prevent public exposure of the crime? Murder, cover-up, political assassination? The best for what?

Had a grand jury in Waco indicted those who ordered the tanks in and those who drove them, along with ATF agents who stormed the church without a valid warrant, then perhaps McVeigh would have felt the American system of government was working and there was no need for him to become judge, jury, and executioner. But because those in government have placed themselves above the law by which the rest of America must live, McVeigh brought the law of the lynch mob to the government. When law breaks down, the vigilante is called forth. Janet Reno, Attorney General, protected the murders of the ATF and FBI. Bill Clinton, criminal extraordinaire himself, attempted to excuse federal conduct to the nation. Millions did not buy it -- McVeigh may have been one of them.

Clinton and Reno are, then, most responsible for the bombing in Oklahoma City, not because of a conspiracy, not because of a sinister plot, but simply because they failed to punish those in government who did wrong and thereby fostered McVeigh's belief that the federal government was willing, at great expense of life, to police everyone but itself.

Would The Government Do It?

The second possible scenario and one many see as much more likely, is that the bombing was conducted by elements within the government itself. Before the bombing, anti-government public opinion and militias were sweeping the country. Growing daily was a tidal wave of resentment against the corrupt little men in high places. A literal flood of resistance to Washington racketeering and abuse of human rights was rushing toward the throne of corruption on the banks of the Potomac river. In this view, the Oklahoma bombing is a federal dam against such public opinion -- a dam of dead bodies designed to hold back the flood of opposition, to redirect public opinion away from Washington and against those who oppose the government. Is this possible? Is it really likely that the government would do such a thing?

Let history answer these questions. For only by knowing what has been done by such men in the past, can we judge present events. What explosion in the dead of night led to a declaration of War against Spain? The sinking of the battleship Maine in Havana harbor with the loss of 260 men was blamed on a Spanish torpedo. The news media used this incident to manipulate public opinion in favor of war. Years later the ship was uncovered from the mud of the harbor revealing that the explosion had gone off inside the ship in the forward ammo magazine.

A Veritable Litany of Governmental Deception

The U.S. entered W.W.I after the Lusitania was sunk by a German U-Boat on the high seas. Americans were told by the news media that the vessel was an "innocent passenger ship" merely carrying tourists to Europe. In fact, some 55 years later, the manifest of the Lusitania was finally made public and revealed that it was a registered warship commissioned in His Majesty's Royal Navy. Under international law the ship was fair game on the high seas. The German embassy ran ads in New York papers urging Americans not to book passage on the ship. The federal government lied to the American people and said it was only an ocean liner. The news media used this incident to whip up public sentiment for America's entry into the War in Europe. One hundred and sixteen thousand five hundred and seventeen American soldiers died in World War I -- a senseless waste of the lives of a hundred thousand young men by sinister forces within the government who favored war, made possible in no small part because of this deception.

What bombing produced an instant declaration of war on Japan and Germany in 1941? December 7th is truly a day of infamy. But no more for the Japanese than for President Roosevelt and others in his administration who knew the Japs were on their way to bomb Pearl Harbor. Their murderous failure to warn the young men on the ships there was treason. 2403 sailors and army soldiers died in a hail storm of bombs dropped from Japanese planes. Yet the government, in vain attempts to hide its complicity in the bombing at Pearl Harbor, has classified as top secret the documents dealing with the months preceding the bombing and immediately after - classified documents dealing with a war that ended fifty years ago. A huge cache of top-secret records at the U.S. Navy Storage Depot at Crane, Indiana, many of them dealing with the Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor, remain hidden from public view. An estimated 28.6 million pages and 4,631 rolls of microfilm remain classified materials from World War II. Why the fear of releasing the documents? Because many of the World War II generation are yet alive and would instantly become foes of Washington were they to see the documents. These documents dealing with the Roosevelt conspiracy to withhold information obtained through the breaking of secret Japanese codes, are records that expose murderously criminal behavior and are not to be released until the next century. Other classified documents currently lying on shelves in the National Archives are growing older by the day, fading, but not fading as fast as the generation who fought the war. Admiral Kimmel, the commander at Peal Harbor that fateful day, later called Roosevelt "a damned traitor," and so he most certainly was.

What torpedo attack upon a U.S. ship "in international waters" led to war in Vietnam? The Tonkin Gulf resolution was passed immediately after Lyndon Johnson and others in the federal government deceived the American people into believing that a U.S. destroyer was attacked without provocation by the North Vietnamese navy. It was revealed ten years later that no such attack had occurred. This deception by the President of the United States led to the deaths of 57,800 men in Viet Nam. The government to this day has engaged in a criminal cover-up of the fact that they left another 2,500 in bamboo cages as prisoners of war. Would the government lie to the American people? Ask a POW.

Newspaper accounts of the arrests of Egyptians accused of blowing up the World Trade Center reveal that not only did the FBI have advance notice of the bombing but, worse, their informant, a former Egyptian army officer, built the bomb. Emad Ali Salem infiltrated the anti-Israel group for the FBI, who asked him if the Egyptians could build a bomb. Salem told them they could not. The FBI instructed Salem to build a bomb for the Egyptians, using phony powder. Then the FBI told Salem to use real explosives. Salem did as he was told but began secretly to tape his FBI handlers in their meetings. Transcripts of these recordings were published in the New York Times in October, 1993. Properly placed, the bomb would have killed a hundred thousand rather then the six people it did kill. According to court documents filed in New York, the FBI had advance knowledge of the bombing. But the decision was made on orders from the highest levels within the government to allow it to occur. Why? Why did the government need a bombing with great loss of life? Is the Omnibus Counter Terrorism Act so important to their police state plans that they had to try a second time? Was Oklahoma City a successful second try for the government?

It is clear then, that bombs, torpedoes, and lies have been bloody tools of government for manipulating and shaping public opinion for all of the Twentieth Century. Would anyone but a fool not suspect government complicity in the Oklahoma tragedy? Is there any compelling reason to give government the benefit of doubt now? Those who know and study history can reasonably assume the government was behind the Oklahoma bombing. Clearly the disaster there served the interests and purposes of sinister forces within government who want to pull the rope tighter around the neck of all of us, left, right, center. The government cares not one wit about the politics of those it seeks to control, only that they are controlled. Today they wish to spy and violate the rights of those on the right, tomorrow it will be the left. The all-seeing eye of the state will look evenly upon us all.

Finally, the explosion that went off in John Fitzgerald Kennedy's head led to the passage of the 1968 gun control act, even though elements in government had performed the assassination. Those who wish to foist on the American people a new world order plainly care nothing for the lives of Americans, whether they are presidents, women with babies, small boys with dogs, or children at Waco or Oklahoma City. Indeed, it seems clear that one can safely state that public policy by bombing is a long standing tradition of the federal government. Is the Oklahoma City bombing a break with tradition, or merely old methods in new places? Let history judge and reason rule.

Blaming the bombing in Oklahoma City on the militia, or unnamed "patriots," is an obscenity. For it was after all, the taking of lives by government agents at Ruby Ridge and Waco that provided the innocent blood that gave birth to the militia and the associated anti-government feeling currently sweeping this nation. It was the absolute terror and shock of watching black boots from the government kill, then kill again that motivated Americans to awake from their long peaceful slumber only to find that a nightmare government had metastasized while they slept.

Ruling America was a deadly viral-like plague of murderers, swindlers, petty tyrants, liars, and would-be police-state functionaries who had infected government institutions and the establishment news media to the point that both have become deadly to the health of the people.

A government by deceit and deception has spawned from the cesspools of mental degradation known only to the lowest sorts of human kind. This political Ebola virus spread rapidly until American citizens began to eradicate it through grass roots action. The Center for Disease Control in the political realm has been American patriots who seek to end the nightmare, not perpetuate it.

The black boots of the police state do not operate in a vacuum, they are directed by political leaders who are elected. One must keep in mind that there will always be thousands of low intelligence, high testosterone brutes who will willingly attack their fellow citizens for money, perks, and a federal pension plan for retirement. Directing one's anger at these unthinking state supported terrorists is not efficient nor conducive to correcting the problem. Rather, we must "take out" the political leaders who send them. Two-thirds of the senate, seventy or so men and a few post menopausal hags, along with about 250 or so house members and this black plague is not only contained but reversed.

This can all be done legally by casting ballots at the pole rather than waiting for the federals to come to your front door. Americans must beware of those who seek to focus their attention on the far more numerous but vastly less important church door smashers of the ATF and black booted back shooters of the FBI, who are, after all, nothing more than "cannon fodder as good as any." To control this disease of the American spirit we must go straight for the command and control center in Washington.

We still have the power to take back America so long as free elections are held. Between now and the next national election we must all arm ourselves with a voter registration slip and use it like a .308 sniper weapon to "take out" the infectious bought whores of the new world government who are now proposing to rule us all with an Orwellian iron fist -- forever beating us all into submission, while claiming to be protecting us.

Let it be made clear that those in opposition to the police state must not become like those they oppose. It is the government's style to kill innocent women and children. If we who love freedom become like FBI hostage rescue agents, wantonly murdering, killing, maiming, and destroying the lives of innocent citizens, than what difference does it make who wins this conflict between federal evil and American good? Let us all strive mightily to make a difference.

This essay was published in the Jubilee in 1995

Last Update: 09/29/96