Costa Rica

It was once a peaceful country. Admired by the rest of the world. Known for it's kind, good hearted people, and wise leaders. But over the years what had been a cohesive nation changed to a fragmented land who's fearful people are torn by ethnic, political and economic division. Corrupt politicians have not only taken advantage of these divisions but cynically promote them as an easy road to further accumulation of power and wealth. War lords now rule in large areas of the teaming population zones supplying drugs to the burgeoning state supported under classes. Political death squads by the middle of 1993 have killed over a hundred people in less than a year, with no end of the slaughter in sight as they roam the country looking for more enemies.

Morally bankrupt, the threat of martial law now hangs over the country like an ominous black cloud as gangsters in uniform prepare to suppress the discontented people with a police state like only "Uncle Joe" Stalin would be proud of. Thousands of brainwashed soldiers, products of the countries socialist school system, eagerly await the command of the totally corrupt political leadership to move with swiftness in rounding up 800,000 political dissidents know to be enemies of the state. All of whom are to be sent to concentration camps already built in remote areas of the country. Bureaucrats, who secretly have dreamed their entire life of just once having total control over the lives of other human beings, eagerly anticipate the midnight arrival of the first confused, frightened, huddled masses that will be disgorged from buses, trains, and military helicopters. These little men, who's dream of power seems close to being realized, rejoice at the thought of becoming mini-Stalinist with overflowing gulags to be administered: The children will go to the state, the men to work crews, and the women, well, the women are for them.

The legislators, most of whom have been purchased by competing special interests, remain unable to do anything other than to raise taxes for the government. The propaganda ministry keeps the people misinformed and ignorant of behind the scenes goings on while providing one titillating scandal after another to distract any attention from their secret preparations. Television and radio, regulated by the corrupt government, super charge the flow of misinformation, confusion, and frenzy of preoccupation with meaningless controversies.

This once great country, now held in contempt by most of the world is the United States. What about Costa Rica? That is the place you should consider vacationing to sometime, for none of the above problems exist there. It is a wonderfully peaceful Central American nation with no military and few police. You say "you fooled me?" No, you have fooled yourself for many years. The only desire here was to have you look at yourself and your nation from a different perspective. One that is much closer to the truth than the things you have been told.

The political death squads are the FBI/ATF. The "war lords" are gang leaders in the inner cities. The cynical corrupt politicians are your own. The threat of martial law is a result of an executive order Clinton signed June 3, 1994, which allows the complete imposition of martial law and takeover by federal government of everything from your state government to your home. The one hundred dead is the Weaver/Waco murders by Federal police in Idaho, and Texas. The propaganda ministry is the news/television conglomerate in this country which are owned by the same people who buy senators, representatives, and presidents. The 800,000 enemies of the state? You will know the answer to that when your door comes crashing off the Welcome wagon from the federal governmenthinges and men in black tossing flash bang grenades storm into your life.

The choice is yours, reclaim this country from the heathens who control it, or go on vacation to Costa Rica. If you choose the latter, don't buy a round trip ticket. You will not want to come back.