C-130 Spraying Agent Orange


The government of the United States has betrayed the Vietnam veteran in every way possible: By intentionally fighting a no-win war that squandered the lives of tens of thousands of young men... By deserting soldiers left there as prisoners... By deserting those exposed to Agent Orange who came home to become prisoners of illness. No American soldier was ever treated so shamefully by the government who sent him to bleed, sweat, and die.

It is a toss up as to which government agency has done the best job of stonewalling solutions to the twin dilemmas of POW-MIAs and Agent Orange health care: the Department of Defense in hiding positive proof of POWs being held for over twenty-five years, or the Veteran's Administration in denying health care and compensation to severely ill veterans. Both agencies have, however, adopted the same macabre solution: "Wait long enough and they will all be dead." No doubt this is one final solution that will work.

For this very reason veterans, veteran's service organizations, and concerned American citizens can not afford to be patient
any longer. Time is running out for both the POWs and soldiers exposed to Agent Orange. Those of us concerned have been patient long enough. We have given government the benefit of doubt far beyond that time which is prudent. Patience is no longer a virtue but now makes one an accessory to crime.

For this reason it is time to take direct action. We must fill meeting halls with forceful activists who will demand action. No politician must be allowed to speak without expressing his position on what he is doing to end the federal crime of murder by desertion. The American Legion, VFW, and other veteran's groups must be pressured into taking a more militant stand on these issues. It is time to search and destroy all opposition to providing solutions to these twin government crimes of outrage.

Get your gear together, lock and load, move out! Let 1996 be the year we win the last battle of the war.

Politicians in the US, like the Viet Cong in Nam, have hidden themselves in impenetrable jungles. Only, here it is the jungle of bureaucratic maze, one more committee, one more study, one more delay covering the truth with a body bag of lies and inaction, anticipating the day when there is nothing but silence.

It is time to bring in Puff the Magic Dragon and suppress these bastards!


Louis Beam

Last Update: 10/02/96