It Was A Very Good War

by Louis Beam ( Published in ISSUE ONE of The Seditionist Fall 1988)

Each day the trucks would arrive, disgorging their seemingly numberless prisoners. Frightened, hungry, numbed by disorientation produced by traveling all night in the dark, men and women stumbled from the trucks. Their only greeting the stern faces of solders standing nearby weapons in hand. Above their heads flew the hated flag that symbolized so much evil in the 1930's and 40's.

At 2 p.m. the shootings would begin. Villagers nearby could hear the crying, sobbing, and screaming for nothing but a thin wooden fence separated them from the horror that went on within the death camp. After an hour, sometimes a little longer, the executions would stop, not to resume again till late evening. The grave diggers never rested. The bloody corpses were layered one atop the other with but a foot of sand to separate them. The dead soon became so numerous that space to bury them was at a premium.

A few of the villagers more brave (perhaps more stupid) than the rest crept to the fence and peered through. What they saw was some of the worst horror to come out of the World War II era. Standing but a few feet inside the fence were the soldiers, secret police, and of course, their victims. Mindlessly soldiers lined up men and women in orderly rows, a mere twenty feet in front of them, only to shoot them down a few moments later. No amount of begging, pleading, crying, or sobbing, would change one's fate. Each had been declared an enemy of the state and would die. The police were ever watching, insuring that all went as directed.

None of the executioners dared hesitate in the task to be carried out, for fear that the slightest show of pity or weakness might result in them standing twenty feet forward of their present position. The place was not Germany, the soldiers are not the elite SS, and the police are not the Gestapo. The death camp is near the edge of Kurapaty Woods in the forest north of Minsk, Russia. These hated and feared murderers with blood literally dripping from their hands were America's allies during World War II--the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. You remember them surely, for they were fighting with YOUR parents during "the war to make the world safe for democracy." The victims are not Jews but Russians, the mass murders are the work not of Adolph Hitler, but Joseph Stalin and his friendly boys from the NKVD (People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs). "Uncle Joe," as the then President of the U.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt, liked to affectionately call him.

The mass exterminations lasted from 1937 to 1952. Long after Hitler was dead, "Uncle Joe" continued with his killings.

Elected officials in Washington knew almost from the beginning that they were going on; but, exposure of Stalin and his horrible crimes against his own people would interfere with a Soviet/U.S. alliance against Hitler. A Hitler who in 1937 had not yet opened the first "death camp", or ordered the extermination of anyone.

The government of the United States, controlled by Zionists who hated the Christians of Europe and the Germans in particular, aligned itself with known mass murderers in opposition to Christian Germany.


Are your mother and father war criminials? Ironically for those who paint America as a noble defender of human rights and democracy, it may very well be that after 1941, bullets that came from barrels of guns in the USSR--seeking out the pitiful heads of Joseph Stalin's enemies--may very well have been made in the USA and supplied to the Soviet mass murderers as part of the hundreds of millions given in wartime aid to the Communists.

Is there more to World War II than we have been led to believe? Is there another side?


As we have now found out that the American government fought with not against the producers of the longest running show of mass murders of that era, can we ever-- without red faced shame--say another derogatory word about Adolph Hitler and his "Death Camps?" It was American lead that went into the brains of Stalin's enemies in Soviet Russia.

Knowing as we do now that the slaughter only stopped when Hitler's troops crossed the Soviet border and the executioners were forced to flee, do we owe a debt of gratitude to the Waffen SS? Stalin's communist executioners fled the death camps near Minsk, but only to regroup and be resupplied with American weapons, food, and monetary assistance to carry on war against Germany and the Russian people. After the war Zionist controlled Washington even supplied Stalin with his victims for execution, delivering some 100,000 Russian prisoners over to the red terror during "Operation Keelhaul."

This presents some interesting questions. How much of the tax money your mother and father paid during the Roosevelt years went toward extermination of Russian citizens? Must we Americans, like the Germans, now bear a burden of guilt knowing that our mothers and fathers assisted in war crimes, even though, like most of the German citizens, they had no idea what was going on? Should the United States follow Germany's example toward the Jews and begin paying reparations to the Russian people? Millions met horrible deaths at the hands of U.S. supported and financed Soviet murderers, therefore, is it not reasonable to call for a national day of remembrance?


Do not we, the present generation bear a burden of guilt for the war crimes our parents allowed the U.S. government to sponsor? Crimes against humanity that resulted in the death of several million human beings require that those of us of conscience remember and never forget.

The Russian holocaust can not help but sear the soul of each of us as we struggle to come to terms with our guilt as sons and daughters of war criminals.

Further, there are some questions for which the blood of murdered millions cry out for answers. Who was responsible for covering up the Soviet/American genocide here in the U.S.? Has all the never ceasing production of books, war-crime stories, and movies about the Jewish holocaust been part of a conscious and willing plot to keep the truth that our parents share guilt in an unspeakable horror hidden from us?

Finally, do not we of the present generation have the duty to proclaim never again! Never again will we allow ourselves to be used by Zionists that control the U.S.?

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