Waco Burnout

"Suicide" Or Mass Murder

by Louis Beam

A spring day, like so many others, begins with the early morning sounds of a dove softly cooing in the distance. A gentle breeze stirs freshly planted flowers. A day like so many I have know since childhood. Suddenly, however, my mind involuntarily imagines the horror of being burned alive as I awaken on the morning after the FBI assault on the Branch Davidian Church. I shudder and roll over only to stare in the face of a peacefully sleeping baby. As I look into this face of innocence, I unwillingly imagine the last moments inside the Branch church as flames devoured both wood and flesh with equal fierceness. What was it like for those inside as smoke, heat, and flames pealed the skin from children as their mothers looked on? No, this is not a spring day like so many others, not for me, not for you, nor for America. It is the day after the Waco holocaust.

The most accurate observation that can be made about the Waco standoff is that it started badly and ended horribly. In the aftermath of the federal assault on the Branch church it is time for extraordinary thought and consideration. Thinking citizens who understand the tremendous implications of Waco must now reflect on events at hand. The rules have changed. America has changed. We must change.

Caring people throughout the world were appalled on April 19 as they sat spellbound in front of televisions watching the government of the United States engage in police state terrorism by assaulting its citizens with tanks, gas, and fire. Many older people no doubt thought back to scenes from the 1956 Hungarian uprising when Soviet tanks crashed through the walls of buildings grinding up the bodies of those inside in the name of Soviet law and order. Americans paid billions in taxes for a national defense second to none in order to insure that such things would not happen in this country. Some of those billions in taxes built tanks. The same tanks seen breaking through the walls of the Branch church. Tanks never used a single time on the communists were unleashed on those who built them. A twist of irony that only the ghost of Joe Stalin and the FBI would enjoy.

For two months the American flag could be seen flying from atop tanks, which to the children inside, must have seamed like some huge green monster waiting to devour them. On the day of the assault "old glory" was lowered and replaced with the FEMA flag of the federal government (white with red cross on it). For the viewing public must not associate the American flag with the dishonor about to be brought upon the nation. So the FBI raised the FEMA flag of death, and then to the horror of all but the government, the so called elite HOSTAGE RESCUE TEAM (HRT) managed to kill more people in 30 minutes then it has rescued in over ten years of existence.

The FBI had promised a peaceful end to the standoff and most Americans took for granted that they would get just that. The FBI lied. The media lied, the attorney general lied, and the president lied. Only the survivors of the fire told the truth—they did not set the fire. The FBI called Parkland Hospital in Dallas at 6:05 am Monday morning April 19 to ask how many burn beds they had in their unit. The fire did not start until 12:20 that afternoon. The eighty-six people inside the Church at Waco committed suicide the same way 122,000 people in Dresden, Germany did on the night of Feb. 14, 1945. Bob Mathews, Gordon Kahl, a black group called MOVE in Philadelphia, and others have all experienced the tender mercies of federal incendiaries and pyro-fanatics from the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team.

What Is A Holocaust?

Raised in small town America, I learned from television while still but a child about the terrible gassing and executions alleged to have happened in Germany during world War II. I would be thirty-four years old before I researched the matter and found out that it was just war time propaganda carried over to peace time by Jewish organizations like the ADL. The absence of the Jewish holocaust in my life over the last ten years has created a void that the federal government filled on April 19, 1993. A shattered Jewish fable has been replaced with a reality that I and 25 million other Americans were witness to. Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, copyright 1956, gives a most revealing definition of the word "Holocaust" as follows: 1. A sacrificial offering the whole of which is consumed by fire. 2. Hence, a complete or thorough sacrifice or destruction, esp. by fire, as of large numbers of human beings.

The federal government has made its first public sacrificial offering to its god Baal. There will be more to follow in the months and years just ahead. Should we fear? Should we tremble? Should I tear up these pages before the ADL, ATF, FBI and Cult Awareness Network read them? No. It is our enemies who must and do fear. For it is they who join in evil combines to spread corruption throughout the land. It is they who in the name of democracy destroy the Republic of our fore fathers. It is they who plot to destroy the lives, liberty, and property of people who have done them no harm. It is they that must lie to cover up their horrible crimes and then live in fear they will be exposed by a fellow officer who refuses to lie. They must fear. For justice long suppressed is terrible when loosened. And justice will come...


Who is the Cult Awareness Network and what are their connections to the government, ADL, and the New World Order of Bush/Clinton? The organization that gave birth to the CAN was The American Family Foundation (AFF). The name sounds nice enough, until one realizes that the AFF's ideal family is one that rejects Christianity, while accepting homosexuality, pedophilia, and Satanic Worship as just "alternative lifestyles by people who make choices about themselves different from our own." In other words, if a sodomite decides to practice his perversion on your children while eating feces and drinking urine (part of the Satanic Rights) you should not be an "authoritarian person" and condemn him.

The two leading psychiatrists and psychologists for the AFF were Dr. Louis Jolyn West and Margaret Singer, both of whom worked with the Central Intelligence Agency studying the use of drugs to alter the mind and personality. Apple pie, motherhood, and mind control, it's the American way. Or is it?

The former president of the Cult Awareness Network the right "Reverend" Michael Rokos is a true believer who practices what he preaches. Arrested for soliciting sex from underage male prostitutes in Baltimore Maryland, he denied any wrong doing. Just practicing an alternative lifestyle, one can assume. According to the Baltimore police report the "Reverend" asked the male prostitute to "tie me up, put clothespins on my nipples and make me...[perversion deleted by writer]. One must keep in mind that on this night the Right "Reverend" Rokos alternative lifestyle was one of the passive, submissive, degenerate pervert who relishes being "hung by the nipples" in ecstasy while being abused. Like most perverts the "Reverend" also enjoys being the aggressor who hangs others by their nipples while making them serve him... Where are your children tonight?

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) works behind the scenes gathering information, providing funds, and manipulating the CAN. The ADL was founded in 1913 by wealthy Jews for the purpose of making public opposition to Jewish objectives a social crime. Eighty years later they have become so successful that few are willing to speak out against Jewish money power and criminal corruption "for fear of the Jews." Being labeled anti-semitic is the number one concern of politicians. With a budget in 1992 of 30 million dollars the ADL has established 30 regional office nationwide for the sole purpose of gathering information on those who they perceive to be a threat to Jewish objectives. In April the San Francisco police obtained search warrants as a result of the ADL selling information it had obtained illegally from police records, and raided two of the regional offices in California. Seizing several thousand documents and computer files the police found that information was gathered on some 10,000 people and over 950 different organizations. For fear of being labeled anti-semitic charges have not yet been filed by officials although clearly there were massive violations of state and federal law by the ADL. The investigation into the nationwide spy network has now spread to six other cities, for spying and maintaining files on Americans, especially those belonging to Christian religious and political groups. The ADL has been connected through funding and membership to the Cult Awareness Network. It appears the ADL set up the CAN to become the arbitrator of who is a "legitimate" Christian and who is not. The Pharisees of the ADL like those in Christ's time will deal with those whom they deem a threat. The government, like Pontius Pilot, will wash its hands of any wrong doing.


The Cult Awareness Network has stated they were advising the ATF and FBI prior to the Waco standoff. Rick Roth the Dallas Texas CAN "expert" who advised the ATF on the Davidian church burnout is a convicted thief who served time in prison for jewelry robbery. Mr. Roth, who says he is an atheist Jew with leanings toward far eastern religious philosophy, claims to be a specialist on "Christian cults." NOT JUDEO-CHRISTIAN CULTS—BUT CHRISTIAN CULTS. There are no Judeo-Christian cults, only Christian cults. Judeo-Christianity is an approved religion by Rick Roth of CAN, the ADL, the IRS, and the ATF. Is your church approved? Does it propagate doctrines that the average ATF agent would feel comfortable with? As part of the New World Order the government will determine through the "democratic process" what is "real religion" and what is a cult. Non ATF approved churches, as well as organizations like Operation Rescue, which the CAN states is also a cult, would be well advised to invest heavily in anti-tank armor and fire insurance. The Cult Awareness Network claim there are some 1,600 other cults in the U.S., and will be actively pointing the finger at those who are to be burned out by police state troops in the future. According to these "experts" from CAN "more harm has come to children in the name of Christianity than in the name of Satan."

The Fourth Estate

The news media has lost more credibility over the Davidian affair than any incident since the cover up of POW/MIAs. On Monday morning, April 19, 1993 the feds were assaulting the Branch Davidian church with tanks and the American people with propaganda. The absolute control of the news media by the government is no less spectacular than the fire that burned the church. Even as flames were roaring toward the sky an FBI spokesman quickly told the media that the people inside were committing suicide by fire. Immediately every major establishment news organization began to parrot this FBI fabrication that the Davidians were burning their own home, church, and bodies. By the time the Branch church had become a smoking pile of rubble with charred bodies scattered through out it, the lie had been established. Such connivance on the part of the media is hard to believe unless one understands that the people who buy newspapers are the same people who buy presidents, senators, and congressmen.

One critical lesson for the future that all thinking citizens must learn from Waco, is that the News media must henceforth be seen as the propaganda arm of the government. From one hour before the original raid on Feb. 28, when the media set up their cameras to wait for the ATF to begin the show, till the present cover-up of FBI murder, the major news providers have acted as the propaganda ministry for the government. The branches of government have grown from three to four: legislative for enactment, executive for enforcement, judicial for judging, and news media for propaganda. It is clear that the objectives of the government and the media are the same. The implications of this marriage of convenience are enormous.

The democratic socialists who run this country must have enemies both internal and external in order for the government to act in the "interest" of the people. Government manufactures a problem, presents it to the people in the controlled media, then provides the solution. Social crisis and war allow government to act in extraordinary ways that would be opposed by citizens in time of peace and social stability. The first rule of democratic socialism is that there must always be social crisis and an external enemy. This situation forces the citizens to depend on the government for solutions. With this in mind one can easily see the "war on drugs", "environmental crisis", "war on crime", and so called "hate crimes" as social problems demanding government action. But what to do for an external enemy without the Soviets? The death of communism will give birth to cults, Iraq, Somalia, Bosnia, and soon to be South Africa and should be viewed in this perspective. Each crisis that can be manufactured allows for greatly expanding the power, authority, and control of the rulers in Washington. All of these events lead the federal government in one direction—establishment of a police state—while at the same time herding citizens toward government enslavement.

There is already a national police force in place, it only needs to be legitimized by use. That is what Waco and the Weaver incident in North Idaho were all about. The people must be desensitized to the use of overwhelming military and police force against common people. Ninja tobacco inspectors from the ATF serving warrants on the end of a gun butt, camouflaged FBI agents arriving in military transports, tanks knocking down the walls of churches while gassing women and children inside, helicopters spraying machine gun fire on civilians, this all serves the same purpose—the government is acting in your behalf to solve a crisis. The politically correct response is for you the citizen to cheer them on as children are burned in fire. It is your police state and failure to support it will result in your own suppression. So three cheers for the ATF/FBI! But what if one does not want to cheer? Perhaps one wishes to rebel from such cruelty, brutality, and murder.

God, Guns and Guts Will Be Needed

Now that the American people have had the opportunity to view the ATF, FBI, and other assorted police state forces in action, it is clear that the future holds a confrontation between the forces of Washington D.C.'s democratic socialism and the believers in the Bible, constitutional rights, and liberty. America was a police state in 1776. Free speech was suppressed, guns were outlawed, and the soldiers ran ruff shod over the citizens. There were terrible abuses by the government then—until Lexington and Concord. Regrettably, history for America will repeat itself. Lovers of liberty and freedom must therefore prepare for the inevitable. The time is near when those real men who are left in this country will be required to march to Lexington with all the determination their forefathers exhibited. Do not doubt this, do not delay in preparation. For though there be not a single one of us who desires such a contest—it will come.

There is a backlash to events at Waco. While it appears to casual observers that the government has the initiative, that is not the case at all. The federals are once again knee deep in blood and damage control. People across America are enraged, and stunned by these events. This anger allows good caring people to take the offensive against police state terrorism and the new world order. Nationwide, people have come into active opposition to the "democratic police state" who have never in the past been more active than changing channels on their TV. American patriots, and lovers of freedom and liberty have the initative—not the government. We must use the Waco back lash to whip the police state forces into retreating back to their holes at the White House, the FBI academy at Quanico, and the Treasury building of the ATF. The government is not everywhere, WE Are Everywhere. We stand in opposition to tyranny, to democratic socialism and to enslavement of mankind in the name of a New World Order to be built from the bricks of the tower of Babel with a mortar of innocent blood. We must not fear, for we have committed no crime, no dishonor, no murder, no brutal abuse of women and children. There is no blood on our hands. But government agents must fear the people for they have done all of these things and much, much, more. This is not the time for good people to fear, it is the time for evil men to fear, to hear the pitiful cry from the ground of blood spilt without cause, to hear the cry from the dust of children and women sent to a miserable death. May the screams of burning children come to the federals each night as they lay down to rest. May their dreams be filled with the nightmare of their deeds. And finally, may you and I march quickly to Lexington. For our countrymen are calling—both the dead and the living—and we must answer.